Old becomes new again is true in many ways, but it is evident in very vivid form in today’s musical performance programs, including “Music City Roots” on NPT and “Larry’s Country Diner” on RFDTV. Both produced in the Nashville area, these shows both honor the musical legends who have paved the way for today’s modern stars – and strive to do so in cutting-edge technological fashion.

Larry’s Country Diner is broadcast nationally on RFD-TV and is also available for viewing across multiple digital platforms. Its downhome appeal has drawn many fans both young and old, receiving 1.4 million viewers monthly

Robert Knight performs his hit song “Everlasting Love” at a concert honoring the 10th anniversary of the “Night Train to Nashville” exhibit and CD compilation, held at Music City Roots in The Factory at Franklin in 2014. “Music City Roots” is a groundbreaking performance show broadcast live on PBS and available for streaming on its innovative “Roots Radio” online program.

“Music City Roots,” broadcast live from The Factory at Franklin in Franklin, Tennessee and offered via online streaming through its “Roots Radio” program, is a venue that honors both cutting-edge performers and legendary icons. One of the program’s most memorable episodes has been an homage to the “Night Train to Nashville” Hall of Fame exhibit and the R&B stars that had roots right here in Nashville. One of the stars included the performer Robert Knight, whose 1967 hit “Everlasting Love” was honored on this program. The hit song was written for Knight by songwriters Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden after hearing him sing at a fraternity party at Vanderbilt University. The episode also honored other performers as well as the groundbreaking WLAC television program “Night Train,” which ran from 1964 to 1967 and even featured the first televised performance by then-unknown guitarist Jimi Hendrix, before he rose to international fame.

The second performance program that is both honoring legends of yesterday with performers of today in multiple technological formats is “Larry’s Country Diner,” filmed in Nashville by host Larry Black and broadcast on RFD-TV, whose production operations are located in Nashville. The show, which is filmed with a set reminiscent of an old diner, has filmed over 100 episodes in front of a live studio audience is also available for viewing on multiple digital platforms, including smart phones, laptops and tablets. “Larry’s Country Diner” has become well-loved by fans across the world, who have been drawn to the program for its unabashed admiration for country music legends of yesterday and today.

Nashville has always honored the legends of yesterday and created new stars to carry the mantle onward. We have rolled with the changes in technological advances, and yet, as the tongue-in-cheek motto of the also-cutting edge musical program “VIVA! NashVegas” says, “Think globally. Act hillbilly.”