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Music Row

Hello and welcome to your one-stop shop for all things Music Row! It’s on this site where you’ll learn all about the incredible history that makes up one of Nashville’s most legendary institutions. Pieced together by one amazing story after another, it’s here that you’ll discover names like Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley and Brenda Lee and others and how they all connect to today’s influential artists like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and even One Direction. Frankly, Music Row has a storied history like no other and has stronger ties to the music world than most may realize. Happy exploring!

Fun Facts!

What was the very first recording studio on Music Row?

The Bradley Studios, founded by brothers Owen and Harold Bradley in 1954.

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Celebrate Nashville

“Celebrate Nashville” is a special edition publication that offers detailed insight into some of our city’s most historical landmarks. In addition to highlighting the history of Music Row, other subjects include Nashville becoming a metro government and a general celebration of the city’s history.